Nitrogen Making Machine in Coal Mine

Nitrogen Making Machine in Coal Mine

Top Quality Coal Nitrogen Making Machine Company.
PSA Nitrogen Making Machine Working Principle.
Coal Nitrogen Making Machine Equipment Characteristics, Application Field.

Nitrogen gas fire extinguishing principle:Nitrogen injection goaf oxidation zone within the essence of fire prevention is to infuse a flow of nitrogen or fire area and the oxygen levels fall below 7% or 3%, to achieve the purpose of fire prevention, its role is to eliminate the gas explosion danger; Avoid the natural heat and spontaneous combustion of coal; Reduce the intensity of combustion, prevent the airtight air leakage.

Equipment Characteristics:

1. The patent process, compared with the same purity and flow rate of nitrogen, equipment to reduce energy consumption of 15-20%.

2. Adopt humanized man-machine interface, intelligent control, nitrogen production button.

3. The unique carbon molecular sieve compaction technology, high efficiency, long life; Installation is simple, no special foundations, leveling the ground; High reliability, low operation cost.

4. Low maintenance costs, on-site service, quick and thoughtful.

Chi Zhou Readygas Equipment Co.,Ltd

The Main Products

PSA Nitrogen Generator, Oxygen Generator, Carbon Molecular Sieve, Molecular Sieve.

Company Profile  

Readygas is a professional equipment factory, specialised in design and manufacturing of nitrogen and oxygen generator solutions using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

We have advanced modern production workshop and a number of advanced gas separation and mechanical technical experts. Readygas know h ow rely on many years of experience in the industrial gas industry, which has resulted in systems that are among the most reliable and durable in the industry.

With ranging from 95% up to 99.9995%, we provide Nitrogen Generators that are sure to suit your needs. We takes pride in manufacturing a cost effective, quality, reliable Nitrogen generation system engineered to meet our customer's specific application, Our customer list includes:

●   Industrial process facilities

●   Government

●   Military

●   Food service industry

●   Automotive industry

We welcome the opportunity to manufacture a Nitrogen Generator to meet your needs.


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