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Compressed air through the pretreatment system to detach oil, dust, other solid impurities, and most of the gaseous water, enter into the absorption tower be loaded with zeolite molecular sieve, the nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor are adsorbed, oxygen through the adsorption bed to be separated. When adsorbed impurities within the adsorption tower up to a certain extent, desorb the atmosphere, make the adsorbent regeneration. Consists of two or three towers adsorption separation system under the control of PLC or DCS system cycle switch complete continuous production of oxygen, so-called normal pressure desorption, pressure swing adsorption generate oxygen. PSA oxygen generation adsorb in a slightly higher pressure, desorb in normal pressure emptying.
1.Specific protection measures of molecular sieve, with less amount, long service life.
2.Low energy consumption, the product of high oxygen purity.
3.reasonable internal components, air distribution uniformity, reduce air high-speed impact.
4.The whole equipment of a high degree of automation.
5.Convenient operation maintenance.
6.The equipment is small in size, the cost is low.

7.Optional oxygen flow, remote monitoring system, etc.

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PSA Nitrogen Generator, Oxygen Generator, Carbon Molecular Sieve, Molecular Sieve.

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Readygas is a professional equipment factory, specialised in design and manufacturing of nitrogen and oxygen generator solutions using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

We have advanced modern production workshop and a number of advanced gas separation and mechanical technical experts. Readygas know h ow rely on many years of experience in the industrial gas industry, which has resulted in systems that are among the most reliable and durable in the industry.

With ranging from 95% up to 99.9995%, we provide Nitrogen Generators that are sure to suit your needs. We takes pride in manufacturing a cost effective, quality, reliable Nitrogen generation system engineered to meet our customer's specific application, Our customer list includes:

●   Industrial process facilities

●   Government

●   Military

●   Food service industry

●   Automotive industry

We welcome the opportunity to manufacture a Nitrogen Generator to meet your needs.


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