Specialized in Electronics Industry Nitrogen Making Machine

Specialized in Electronics Industry Nitrogen Making Machine

Top Quality Specialized in Electronics Industry Nitrogen Making Machine Company.
PSA Nitrogen Making Machine Working Principle.
Specialized in Electronics Industry Nitrogen Making Machine Equipment Characteristics, Application Field.

In today's global electronics manufacturing start out lead production, utilizing in China electronic industry also will be the trend of The Times, in order to satisfy the lead-free standards, a growing number of manufacturers to choose the new reflow furnace with nitrogen gas protection welding.
To satisfy the requirement of the SMT industry with nitrogen, the company based on the general nitrogen making machine, combined with the characteristics of the lead-free soldering, SMT industry especially developed in more than 99.99% of purity for SMT nitrogen gas solution, can ensure correct flux activation, reduce the amount of residual part flux, enhance the welding quality, and make welding surface more beautiful.
Areas of application: lead-free reflow, wave soldering, selective soldering, purging and encapsulation, high precision chip seal and base of the fire.
Equipment Characteristics:
1. The time for making high purity nitrogen, nitrogen purity can adjust freely between 99.99% ~ 99.999%.
2. Nitrogen efficiency, less energy consumption of compressed air, save energy and nitrogen on less energy per cubic meter of about 0.42 degrees.
3. The design standard, the capacity of simple, if need to increase nitrogen production, only a few nitrogen making machine will parallel.
4. Low dew point, the product gas dew point - 45 ℃ or less, to ensure the welding quality.
5. Can add frame, neat, beautiful appearance, easy to clean management, satisfy the requirement of the electronics industry high cleanliness.

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PSA Nitrogen Generator, Oxygen Generator, Carbon Molecular Sieve, Molecular Sieve.

Company Profile  

Readygas is a professional equipment factory, specialised in design and manufacturing of nitrogen and oxygen generator solutions using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

We have advanced modern production workshop and a number of advanced gas separation and mechanical technical experts. Readygas know h ow rely on many years of experience in the industrial gas industry, which has resulted in systems that are among the most reliable and durable in the industry.

With ranging from 95% up to 99.9995%, we provide Nitrogen Generators that are sure to suit your needs. We takes pride in manufacturing a cost effective, quality, reliable Nitrogen generation system engineered to meet our customer's specific application, Our customer list includes:

●   Industrial process facilities

●   Government

●   Military

●   Food service industry

●   Automotive industry

We welcome the opportunity to manufacture a Nitrogen Generator to meet your needs.


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