Chemical Industry Special Nitrogen Making Machine

Chemical Industry Special Nitrogen Making Machine

PSA Nitrogen Making Works:

PSA nitrogen making using carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent.To some extent, under the pressure of the carbon molecular sieve of oxygen adsorption than nitrogen in the air, so by programmable control of pneumatic valve opening and closing, A, B two tower can alternate cycle, pressure adsorption and vacuum stripping, complete separation of oxygen and nitrogen, get high purity nitrogen.

Typical Use:

Storage of liquid inert atmosphere above;Purge container, pipe, reactor and isolation room; Synthetic fibre spin, drawing chloride, equipment corrosion;Coating paint in the production of nitrogen inflator, prevent oil dry polymerization;To provide protection for oil gas (oil surface clean with nitrogen gas sealing and gas);Ocean engineering of inert gas supplies;Dry coke quenching, catalyst regeneration, the oil fractionation, nitrogen fertilizer raw material, catalyst, gas washing, the packaging and storage of rubber, tire production, etc.;Nitrogen injection oil, etc.

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