The Pharmaceutical Industry Special Nitrogen Making Machine

The Pharmaceutical Industry Special Nitrogen Making Machine

PSA Nitrogen Making Works:

PSA nitrogen making using carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent.To some extent, under the pressure of the carbon molecular sieve of oxygen adsorption than nitrogen in the air, so by programmable control of pneumatic valve opening and closing, A, B two tower can alternate cycle, pressure adsorption and vacuum stripping, complete separation of oxygen and nitrogen, get high purity nitrogen.

Main Application:

By the nitrogen is mainly used in pharmaceutical raw materials, drug nitrogen-filled packaging, transport and moth-proofing, the anti-corrosion protection of Chinese herbal medicine;Easy oxidation of nitrogen can be applied to the water (penicillin, etc.) and the big infusion of nitrogen protection.

Characteristics of the Equipment:

1.The equipment adopts enclosure type, cover an area of an area small.
2.The computer full automatic control, automatic emptying out nitrogen, which can realize the unattended.

3.Energy saving features, security, stability and reliability.

Pharmaceutical production requirement for nitrogen:

1.The requirements of nitrogen of high purity, general requirements by 99% ~ 99.99%.

2.For nitrogen excluding dust and heat source, can be used for injection of potting.

3.Nitrogen can keep constant pressure supply in the process of production, to ensure the normal operation of production.

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