PSA Technology

The abbreviation of PSA is Pressure Swing Adsorption.

PSA Principle:
PSA technique (PSA for short),it's a kind of advanced gas separation technology, based on physical adsorption of gas molecule on the internal surface of adsorbent (porous solid substances), using adsorbents in the same pressure easy to absorb the high boiling point gas, difficult to absorb low boiling point gas, and under high pressure adsorption amount of absorbed gas increases, under low pressure adsorption of absorbed gas to reduce the features to achieve gas separation. This process under pressure adsorption of impurities, under reduced pressure desorption of impurities, make the adsorbent regeneration, is the PSA cycle.
With air as the raw material, the carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, using the principle of pressure swing adsorption, using carbon molecular sieve on the selectivity of oxygen and nitrogen adsorption and make the method of separation of nitrogen and oxygen, known as PSA nitrogen making.
PSA is a kind of new gas separation technology, its principle is to use molecular sieve of different gas molecule adsorption performance difference and separate gas mixture, it was based on the air as the raw material, using a highly efficient, high choose solid adsorbent for the performance of selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen to separate nitrogen and oxygen in the air.
The entire PSA system can be subdivided into:
● Compressed air system (Air compressor, Refrigeration dryer, Air receiver & Filters)
● PSA skid
● Nitrogen receiver
● Nitrogen boosting & Filling Station (optional)

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