Food Industry Special Nitrogen Making Machine

Food Industry Special Nitrogen Making Machine

Food preservation Nitrogen PSA is based on the advanced pressure swing adsorption principle, the use of compressed air with nitrogen and carbon molecular sieve oxygen separation, specially designed for the food packaging industry, the preservation of a high-purity nitrogen machine. Because nitrogen is inert at room temperature, easy to breed bacteria characteristics, are widely used in beverages, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea, herbs, pasta and other food preservation and storage, can fully maintain the original color, smell, taste, and its storage quality is superior to mechanical refrigeration.

Fresh food storage areas, not the purity of the nitrogen needs the higher the better, the food in the preservation process, the ambient gas contains trace amounts of oxygen can get the best preservation effect.

To meet the requirements of the food industry with nitrogen, readygas based on general nitrogen making machine, combining with the characteristics of the food industry and special development the purity was 95% ~ 99.9%, the purity of adjustable food special nitrogen solution, in combination with different food for nitrogen gas purity requirements, on the basis of the implementation of the optimal.

Equipment Characteristics:

1. Can be adjusted within the scope of 95% ~ 99.9%, the purity of nitrogen drying, low dew point, be helpful for food preservation.

2. Good price performance ratio, investment recovery fast.

3. Appearance is concise and compact structure, cover an area of an area small, mobile and convenient, easy maintenance, easy to clean, microcomputer automatic control, meet the high cleanliness requirements of the food industry.

4. Mature technology, high quality components manufacturing, durable.

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