The Application of PSA Oxygen Making Machine Field

The Application of PSA Oxygen Making Machine Field

The Main purpose

Sewage Treatment: oxygen-enriched aeration activated sludge, pool increases oxygen and ozone sterilization.

Electric Furnace Steelmaking:decarburization, oxygen as auxiliary combustion heating, foamed slag, metallurgy and subsequent heating control.

Smelting non-ferrous Metal Smelting:copper, zinc, nickel, lead, etc with rich oxygen, PSA method is gradually replace cryogenic method.

Cutting Processing: steel pipe, steel plate cutting with oxygen enrichment, wild move or small oxygen generator can meet the requirements.

Aquacultureoxygen-enriched aeration can increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, a substantial increase in the production of fish, for the live fish transport oxygen, intensive fish farming.

Medical Treatment and Health Care Use:hospital centralized oxygen supply, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, such as oxygen, oxygen cure center configuration activated carbon filter can get up to the standard PSA medical oxygen generator technology of oxygen.

Glass Melting: oxygen aid-combustion help dissolve, cutting, increase yield of glass, and extend the life of the furnace.

Pulp Bleaching and Paper:method of chlorine bleach into rich oxygen bleaching, offering cheap oxygen, sewage treatment.

Petrochemical and Chemical Industry with Oxygenoxygen in the process of petroleum and chemical industry with rich oxygen instead of air oxidation reaction, can improve the reaction speed and chemical products production.

Ore processing: used in the production process of gold and precious metals can be improved the extraction rate.

Fermentation With: rich oxygen instead of air for oxygen to aerobic fermentation, can greatly improve efficiency.

Drinking Water: supply oxygen to the ozone generator, ozone sterilization.

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